Tyler Stableford for Wrangler in CA

Tyler Stableford for Wrangler in CA

Photographer and director Tyler Stableford recently completed a new campaign for Wrangler, shot in Red Bluff, California. 

I have photographed and filmed cowboys and workwear brands in the past, for commercial work as well as for personal projects, but this campaign featured a mix of pure fashion photography as well as pro-rodeo cowboy imagery, which made it very fun and dynamic. The days were long and nonstop, but I couldn’t have asked for a better group or client.

A highlight for this shoot, Tyler worked with numerous Wrangler professional rodeo athletes, who are some of the biggest names in rodeo today such as Ivy ConradoSage KimzeyStetson VestBillie Jack SabensMarcos Costa and Coleman Proctor as well as Chenae’ Shiner Vest and Jenna Knowles.  Photographing these pros who ride and rope with such precision was truly amazing. Anytime you are shooting a cattle drive or a herd of running horses, things can get out of hand quickly, but these riders had an innate ability to understand what Tyler was looking for and how to work the animals for that perfect shot. 

Behind the scenes and some final images below.  More imagery and tech talk on Tyler’s Blog! 

Wrangler campaign shot on location in Red Bluff, California