Tibor Nemeth for STAINMASTER

Tibor Nemeth for STAINMASTER

Tibor Nemeth recently traveled with Pace Communications to Los Angeles and Seattle to create a social campaign and library of images for STAINMASTER. Known for their carpet, flooring, and tile, STAINMASTER also has an affinity for our four legged friends.  Tibor was commissioned to shoot some of the cutest dogs you’ve ever seen, featured on the STAINMASTER site’s curated section titled Real Living: Inspiration for creating a home that you love.  

Packed with pet treats and a smile, Tibor discovered that dogs and kids are some of the most fun subjects on the planet to shoot.  Especially in the case of  Luke and Jedi, and Jessica, Gretel, and Chester.

Meet Luke and Jedi. Luke is a Type 1 Diabetic and Jedi is his best bud. 

“Luke is really, really proud of Jedi,” says mom Dorrie. “He is so willing to tell people, ‘I have Type 1 diabetes.’” While some kids with this condition may be embarrassed by it, especially as they get older, Luke (now 8) embraces the fact that he is a little bit different.


When Jedi detects changes in Luke’s blood sugar levels, he tugs a bringsel (a short soft tube, often used by diabetic alert dogs) hanging from Dorrie’s waist and gives it to her to signal that Luke is in need. If he senses that the reading is low (below 80), he bows; if he senses the reading is high (more than 120), he waves his paw. Armed with this information, Dorrie can then check on Luke.


Meet Jessica, Gretel, and Chester – the adventurous trio has certainly garnered a few looks from people! They hike through sun, rain, ice, and snow, leading owner Jessica on a transformative journey. The dachshunds erase short-legged stereotypes along the way, by reaching the top of Mailbox Peak and similar heights. And they inspire fellow pooches (and Jessica) to do the same, all from just a foot above the ground.


Who knew 
dachshunds to be big hikers? Looks like Gretel and Chester could climb Everest…Such a fun project!