Tibor Nemeth for Cordura Virtual Reality

Tibor Nemeth for Cordura Virtual Reality

Photographer and Director Tibor Nemeth collaborated with Howard Merrell in Raleigh to create a Virtual Reality shoot for the Cordura Brand. Using the  Nokia OZO 360, Tibor directed the video and shot stills in and around Asheville, NC in-between wild fires!  

As you can see from the behind-the-scenes photos below, the shoot involved quite a bit of hiking and time spent shooting in a rock Quarry and gettin’ dirty.   In addition to the thrill of the shoot itself, Tibor and team enjoyed a few renegade miles on Triumph motor bikes, navigating the twists, turns, and hills of the Carolina terrain.

Behind-the-scenes below…..video coming soon!

See more of Tibor’s work at www.tibornemeth.com

Nokia OZO 360 VR Camera

Big boys, big toys!

Viewing footage.