What did your 18 year old self see you becoming

I finished high school at 17 so I was a sophomore in college at 18 – and I was definitely on the track to becoming a raging alcoholic.

When was the last time you watched the sun rise?

It seems like I watch the sun rise way too often and wish other people would pull their weight and let me sleep in, every now and then.

What was one of the most interesting projects you worked on? 

One of the very first campaigns I shot was an anti-smoking campaign. I guess the average age that kids start smoking is around 10 years old, so we had very young kids holding and playing with lit cigarettes. It was so strange to watch, much less take pictures of. The young actors were really amazing working with the lit cigarettes and trying to play it cool. The pictures turned out to be very powerful and really made you feel uncomfortable.

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you do?

I would totally be a fireman!

What superpower would you want?  Feel free to invent one.

The need for no sleep. I need at least 8 hours and sleeping seems like such a waste of time. 

When you need it, what inspires you?

My photo history books. I love all the masters like Strand, Curtis, Steichen and Kertesz. I could look at photography and go to galleries all day long. 

What are the top 2 things on your bucket list?

The crazy thing about my bucket list is, I have tried almost everything once. I have already lived an amazing life and traveled more then most people ever will. I really do not have a bucket list, but feel extremely fortunate for the life I have already lived.

What is your dream assignment?

There really is not a dream assignment as much as there is a dream job.

What might surprise people about you?

I am a total home body!

What were you like as a 10 year old?

At 10 my ADHD was full throttle. I was into everything from skateboarding, BMX, hockey, soccer, tennis, swimming and rocking out to Kiss while playing Atari 2600. Life was good. My mom said if she’d have known about Ritalin, I would have been on it.

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