When you need it, what inspires you?

It’s euphoric when a client I’ve always dreamed about hires me to shoot a picture through my personal filter – my own view of how I see the situation/the world. It becomes personal, blissful, and inspires me to keep on seeing the way I do.

What did your 18yr old self see you becoming?

At 18, I seemed destined to stay in my family’s restaurant business in NH. But, I couldn’t ignore my love for math and art – so photography was the perfect medium for me to explore. Dad wasn’t exactly thrilled when I left to pursue, to him, an ‘unknown’ industry (sorry Dad, you know I love you)! So, I left to do my thing and never returned to the kitchen – except to photograph it. Oh, and I can still cook you a serious breakfast in less than 7 minutes. Just saying’!

What are two top things on my bucket list?

Hmm…So I’ve given up learning French. Ah, to travel to all seven continents within a year. And to pet a penguin. Simple.

What’s the most important thing I have ever lost?

My mother.

Can you remember the first time you got paid to take a photograph?

Ha! The “Do’s and Don’t’s” for Glamour Magazine. You know that last page in the magazine where girls have the big  black bar across their faces – so not to reveal their identity and shame for that “awful outfit”?  Yep, I remember. I was in the trenches of Manhattan looking for the “Don’ts” when I knew I myself was a genuine “don’t”, tucking my sweater into my acid washed jeans. Nice to be behind the camera in those days, for sure!

What was I like when I was 10yrs old?

I was an artist. Any paper that had a unique tactile feel – I just knew I needed to draw on it. When my school teacher gave us paper towels after washing up prior to lunch, I would think, what a waste of ‘good paper’, and then wipe my wet hands on my pants. I’d eat lunch faster than anyone to rush back to my homeroom, peaceful and alone, to draw on that paper towel. More important than showing my mother my report card was proudly showing her my latest masterpiece!

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