Laura Barisonzi’s Trip to Sri Lanka

Laura Barisonzi’s Trip to Sri Lanka

Lifestyle photographer and director Laura Barisonzi recently took a trip to the central and southeastern parts of Sri Lanka in May.  Sri Lanka is one of the most varied countries in the world. From the dry jungle scrub of the dry zone in the north and east of the country, to the tea clad hills in the center surrounded by steaming tropical jungle and miles of sandy beaches, Sri Lanka has an extraordinary range of scenery.  

Sri Lanka’s main industries are agricultural production and manufacturing.

Stilt Fisherman

While visiting, Laura experienced the extreme heat that precedes monsoon season, which runs from May to September. 

A few weeks after her departure, the southwest region was hit with a monsoon that triggered mudslides along with flooding that have devastated the central, west, and southeast regions.  We are thankful Laura made it back to New York safely!

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The majority of religions in Sri Lanka are Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and Christian.