Jonathan Chapman for Children’s Hospital Minnesota

Jonathan Chapman for Children’s Hospital Minnesota

Jonathan Chapman and team created a short film spotlighting the evolution of the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota’s Critical Care Transport Program for their Star Gala Fundraiser.  

Shooting on location in the PICU, NICU, and the Helipad, this was an in-the-trenches production that leaves one in awe and humbled after standing shoulder to shoulder with those who are truly saving lives on a daily basis. 

“In terms of life lessons, we received more than we gave after only few days of filming, reinforcing how fragile we are as humans. I am proud that the film we created ultimately helped raise over 2 million dollars for Children’s Hospital of Minnesota at their 2017 fundraising gala.” —JCP

The production was complete by a “snow globe” moment when snow started falling on the helicopter scene!

©Jonathan Chapman 2017

“Children are amazing in that they can overcome and withstand things that you or I or any other adult could never handle…” Angela Mahowald, Neonatal Pediatric Transport, Children’s Hospital.

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