Jared Leeds Shoot for CVS Corporate

Jared Leeds Shoot for CVS Corporate

Jared Leeds and team were recently commissioned for a 4-part shoot for the 2016 CVS Corporate Social Responsibility Report.  The report is basically an outline of CVS’ progress for their Prescription for a Better World.  Now in its tenth year, the report focuses on three pillars that support their strategy: Health in Action, Planet in Balance, and Leader in Growth.

During the shoot across multiple locations, Jared met some very inspiring people like 19-year-old, full-time working, single mother Lisdany Arteaga, pictured below.


Through a partnership between CVS and ROCA, she completed an 8-week pharmacy technician program offered to young mothers and is now working 40-hours a week and raising her child. She’s young and driven with some sass thrown in!  There is no doubt she will complete her dream of getting her Phd.


Stay tuned for other posts from the rest of the series.

Visit Jared’s site to see more of his portrait and lifestyle imagery. www.jaredleeds.com.