Tyler Stableford Turning Point Documentary

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Tyler Stableford Turning Point Documentary


We are thrilled to share a 30-minute Turning Point documentary TV episode that Tyler Stableford recently directed and shot featuring Richard Joyner, a reverend, chaplain and community leader in Conetoe, NC. Richard was named one of CNN’s “Top 10 Heroes” and has won various national awards including the Purpose Prize for his work helping to transform a poor rural area that has been hit with addiction and poverty-related health and diet issues.

Reverend Richard Joyner poses with some of the youth he works with on their farm in rural North Carolina.


For this documentary TV episode, Tyler’s fellow cinematographer Dylan Brown and he filmed with Richard and his community for eight days in June. What really struck Tyler about Richard is that he is tackling some of our nation’s most intractable issues, and with success. Racial divides, addiction, and an epidemic of obesity, diabetes and heart disease in poor populations are many of the issues he is helping to overcome. Tyler has shot for community-based organizations before, but this project truly changed him.

I would place his leadership right up high with the historical icons we often read about, but rarely ever get to meet in person: Ghandi, M.L. King, Mother Theresa, Tich Nhat Hanh, The Dalai Lama, Mandela and Tutu. (Although I haven’t met any of these people so I can’t say for sure … but I’d be willing to bet on it!)

Richard embodies the highest spiritual principles, of love in the face of adversity; tireless dedication through the slimmest of odds; and a powerful sense of presence that has helped so many people in his community. That is why this documentary is so close to my heart.


Richard founded the nonprofit Conetoe Family Life Center and a community farm to help transform the community. He and the Center’s executive director Garrie Moore have enlisted PhD researchers with the University of Eastern North Carolina to track health progress in the children who are a part of the nonprofit and community garden programs; as well as to track emergency room visitation rates, etc. The statistics have been truly impressive.


Below are a few behind the scenes images from our shoot: 

You can see more on Richard below:

The Reverend’s Revolution: A Kid-First Approach to Community Health


Special thanks to editor Dave Wruck for his tireless work on the episode, as well as to producer Tom Morrill and Tyler’s own production company Cosmic Pictures. And above all, deep gratitude to Richard Joyner and his team at the Conetoe Family Life Center, and all the community members who made this documentary TV episode possible.

Please tune in to BYUtv Tuesday October 3 @7:30 PM MST for the live premiere. The episode will also be archived here for future viewing.

We hope you enjoy the episode!